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Robb Quattro (RoboQ4) is a Philadelphia based artist, known for his stickers and tech art installations that include the "lost mode" iphone series, #rarebenjamins, “fortune and glory”, and "cut the cord".

Some recent works appearing and disappearing in cities on the east coast include a series of hand-drawn and hybrid collage paste ups that illustrate “life before apps”. 

RoboQ4's Tech Art was recently exhibited at the Rabbit Hole Gallery (Digital Transformation-Cut the Cord) and at Jerks Productions First Friday's at Tattooed Mom

Check out the "Cut the Cord" gallery interview video

"The most exciting thing to me is working on projects that involve the construction of ideas and their execution until the end. Being an artist and IT professional helps me approach the subject from a broader scope, keeping the overview in mind."

    I work from anywhere, but spend most of my time in Philadelphia where I have an abundance of street and art to photograph and areas for exploration.  Keeping up with the new styles and art forms. 

    Contact me for tech installations, digital walls/signage, group shows, sticker trades and collaborations. 

     Robb Quattro    
    follow me on Instagram: @roboq4    Research me on Linkedin:  robb quattro